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Non-injection rejuvenation techniques Nanoasia

Now in our salon on Krestovsky you can try new innovative rejuvenation treatments from South Korea. Nanoasia is beauty and youth without injections. Visible result after the first procedure. Absolutely safe technologies for the prevention and treatment of premature skin aging at a deep level, without injury and long recovery periods. The effect will not keep you waiting!

To date, Nanoasia has 15 patented formulas of drugs, more than 60 representative offices have been opened around the world. Procedures are allowed during pregnancy and lactation, because the main composition of Nanoasia products are components derived from plants: peptides, amino acids, plant extracts and seeds. Nano avia serums rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level, model the oval of the face, protect the skin, correct wrinkles, cope with acne, pigmentation and many other problems. 

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