New price list

Dear guests, we inform you that from September 1, we are forced to raise the cost by 5-10% for some services. The increase in prices is a forced consequence due to the rise in the cost of the material, due to customs and logistics costs of our partners, distributors. The current price list can be found at the link salon-krasoty-krestovskij , as well as check with the administrator in the salon + 7 921 905 03 75 or in a mobile app. 

Sincerely, the Nail Spa Beauty team

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Dear guests, we have updated our mobile application for your convenience. and be aware of all the promotions and offers of the Nail Spa Beauty Salon and be aware of all the promotions and offers of the salon, as well as you will be able to save bonuses and pay them for services. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

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Non-injection rejuvenation techniques Nanoasia

Now in our salon on Krestovsky you can try new innovative rejuvenation treatments from South Korea. Nanoasia is beauty and youth without injections. Visible result after the first procedure. Absolutely safe technologies for the prevention and treatment of premature skin aging at a deep level, without injury and long recovery periods. The effect will not keep you waiting!

To date, Nanoasia has 15 patented formulas of drugs, more than 60 representative offices have been opened around the world. Procedures are allowed during pregnancy and lactation, because the main composition of Nanoasia products are components derived from plants: peptides, amino acids, plant extracts and seeds. Nano avia serums rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level, model the oval of the face, protect the skin, correct wrinkles, cope with acne, pigmentation and many other problems. 

 We are waiting for you :)

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Subscription for styling

The following Styling Subscriptions are valid in our salon:

1. Short Hair Styling (styling for short hair and medium length hair) 10 styling 17,000 rub

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We decided to please you and we want you to give your body maximum relaxation and benefit.

Therefore, until the end of October you have the opportunity to purchase a subscription 

10 massage sessions for 25,000 rubles (that is, instead of 4,000 rubles. you will pay only 2500 rubles for a din session)

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Get acquainted...

Ivana Mitina is our new body specialist. 

It will help you to relax and feel your body energetically filled. 

Ivanna told us how she sees her work with the body:

 Inner Lines Bodywork

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Do you have your own sculptor?

A woman needs to look decent, first of all for herself, therefore, together with a cosmetologist, a hairdresser, just a friend, you should have your own sculptor, and that's why:

1. A sculptor-masseur is a specialist of a narrow focus who can solve a lot of problems of your health. Massage improves metabolism. The metabolism is at the right speed, which means that everything that needs to be processed and excreted from the body will go away, and not be postponed. You will feel lightness in your body, without extra heaviness.

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Comprehensive services - girl's choice 2020

Services in 4 hands are very popular today, and most importantly practical 


And you can get even more pleasure by performing not two procedures, but more - in 6, 8 and even 10 hands! 

We also have our own parking. In our cafe you can have a snack and, in parallel, during the procedure, watch your favorite movie! We have everything - for your convenience!

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