Назад к списку

Get acquainted...

Ivana Mitina is our new body specialist. 

It will help you to relax and feel your body energetically filled. 

Ivanna told us how she sees her work with the body:

 Inner Lines Bodywork

"For me, massage is creativity, in which technique is a skill honed over the years, allows you to interact with the body intuitively. I share my condition, listen to the body, direct the whole process to harmonization, healing in the now moment. For the last five years I have been practicing deep contact techniques, hemolymphatic body drainage, chiromassage, shiatsu, elements of Thai massage, lomi-lomi and oriental relaxing techniques.I love the game with switching techniques and attention: from a small point, consistently capturing large areas, massage becomes like a dance on the body." 

The main components of the work And the bath: the condition, the wishes of the guest, energy, physics.